Business School 2022 is a 5-day challenge cycle for young people aged 14-18 to meet knowledgeable business experts, learn from them and improve their entrepreneurial, sales and presentation skills.

The challenge cycle aims to encourage young people to have confidence in building their business and in developing entrepreneurial skills. Here, young people will meet and be inspired by entrepreneurs, as well as learn and develop the skills necessary for an entrepreneur on a daily basis - teamwork, division of responsibilities, leadership, goal-oriented action, problem identification and solution, pitching, communication and presentation.

Register for the challenge cycle "Business School 2022" until March 8 and save the dates - March 14-18 in Liepaja. There are limited places available.

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Discover your own and gain completely new skills


Make new friends and have a good time


Create your business idea and challenge yourself in extraordinary ways


Realize your ideas and build on Your personality 


14th March AM 9:00 - PM 15:00
First day

During the first day, participants will get to know each other, break the ice, form the teams and look for the best team names, have a chance to present their ideas. Team building and networking challenges, inspiring stories, idea generation are only some of the activities planned througout the day.

15th March AM 9:30 - PM 16:30
Second day

The participants will spend the second day working on the development of their business idea, meeting with mentors and playing a mini sales game. Throughout the day, participants will participate in training on the importance of sales skills and receive practical assignments for a full understanding of the topic.

16th March AM 9:30 - PM 16:30
Third day

Under the guidance of mentors, teams begin practical work on presenting ideas. During the day, participants learn more about identifying customer values and opinions. The business idea takes on clearer shapes, the first customers are addressed and  also the first product reviews are collected.

17th March AM 9:30 - PM 15:30
Fourth day

Teams work on creating a business canvas, schedule, marketing activities and developing an idea. On the fourth day, the teams will have educational and inspiring lectures on business canvas design and presentation skills, led by lecturers from Latvia and Sweden.

18th March AM 9:30 - PM 14:30
Fifth day

The end of the challenge cycle. Teams continue the work on their final pitch presentations. Pitching & evaluation & awarding & networking.

Frequently asked Questions

How to apply?

Fill in the registration form at the bottom of the page or send a message to [email protected]. After receiving your application, we will inform you about the approved participation in the challenge cycle "Business School 2022".

How many participants will Business School 2022 have?

Up to 30 participants will take part in the Business School. The number of places is limited, so apply now!

What about lunch? 
Snacks and drinks will be available at the event, as well as one hour of free time each day to go home for lunch or to the nearest cafe. If you want, you can take lunch with you. We have a kitchen where you can reheat it and eat it. 

Does participation require any prior knowledge of the business?

Prior knowledge is not required. You are more than appropriate if you have an interest in entrepreneurship and starting your own student company. Also we will be happy to welcome anyone who has previously participated in business-related training or projects.

I soon will turn 14 years old and I want to apply. / I'm just turned 19 years old, can I apply?

Apply! We will evaluate your application and it is very likely that you will become a member of "Business School 2022"

Can I apply together with my friends?

Yes, apply with Your friends. We also love the idea of "having fun together" :)


Due to the prevalence of Covid-19 in Latvia, all participants in the challenge cycle will be required to present a digital Covid-19 certificate -  digital proof that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has recovered from COVID-19 or has a test result. Those who have tested negative for Covid-19 in the last 48 hours before the start of the camp can also take part in the event.

What should I take with me?

The organizers will provide everything necessary for the event. All you have to do is take care to feel comfortable in your clothes. You also need to be motivated to learn new skills and use them during event. If you want to bring lunch, we have a kitchen where you can reheat and eat it.

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